Plastic Surgery in Cyprus

Plastic surgery uses surgical techniques to repair, change or reconstruct body tissues. Plastic surgery in Cyprus is performed to correct physical defects or scars caused by birth defects, injuries, burns, and diseases or for cosmetic purposes to improve a person’s appearance and create a youthful look.

Plastic surgery clinics usually perform both surgical and non-surgical procedures all over the body and face. It is very important for patients to look for qualified doctors with experience and expertise, for maximum results. Our Cyprus plastic surgery clinic consists of professional well-trained staff and, of course, excellent doctors.

Our qualified surgeons always inform patients about the procedure as well as what they should do before and after their plastic surgery. Find more information on What to Expect After Plastic Surgery Procedures in Cyprus.

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Surgical Procedures

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Non-Surgical Procedures

Cyprus Plastic Surgery Clinic

With plastic surgery, our doctors want to make people smile with happiness again. Whether you want to freshen up your look, restore a part of your body due to a scar or simply make yourself look younger, we are ready to give you the best results and boost your confidence.

Our clinic offers a list of face and body surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. We only use treatments that are safe and effective and, of course, products, equipment and techniques that are modern and leave minimal to no scarring.

All the members of our staff are well-trained, experienced, and professional. From our receptionists to our excellent nurses and doctors, every member of our staff excels at their job.


advanced facelift techniques in cyprus
Advanced Facelift Techniques in Cyprus

In the medical field of ever-evolving cosmetic enhancements, the aim is to find timeless beauty and youthful features. Cyprus Plastic Surgery Clinic is one of the many plastic surgery clinics in Cyprus that offer cosmetic treatments for patients coming from all over the world. In this blog post, we will unveil the future of facial rejuvenation and the advanced facelift techniques in Cyprus.

non surgical cosmetic treatments in cyprus
Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatments in Cyprus

A lot of people who want to enhance their natural beauty without undergoing surgery choose to visit Cyprus for non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Botox, dermal fillers, and laser treatments are among the popular non-invasive procedures that provide effective results. Let’s explore the key reasons why people choose Cyprus for their non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

advancements of plastic surgery for the future
Innovations and Advancements of Plastic Surgery for the Future

Plastic surgery has gone through many advancements over the past years and has been involved very recently making it in this way very popular and common solution for many people. But the exciting advancements don’t stop there. Plastic surgery is a very promising field and through the years, it offers better results and reduced recovery time for patients. Through ground-breaking techniques and skilled professional surgeons, people get the chance to improve themselves towards the best possible outcome. In this blog, you can learn more about the innovations and advancements of plastic surgery for the future.

What Our Clients Say


I visited the plastic surgery clinic in Cyprus after some of my friends had their surgeries and were super happy with the results. I trusted the doctors for my rhinoplasty and I am so relieved I chose this clinic. The result is amazing, I can see the difference but it is, thankfully, so natural and not fake at all. Just what I asked for.


I trust this clinic with all my injectable treatments. I have been a client for 3 years now, and I couldn’t recommend this plastic surgery clinic in Cyprus more. I have my lip fillers and crow’s feet done every 6 months and the results are always natural. Thank you.


Growing up I always hated my upper body because of my man boobs. I got teased and bullied for it during middle and high school and I always knew I wanted to have gynecomastia surgery. I was really nervous before the surgery and I was worried that I would have huge scars forever. 2 years post operation and I am feeling my best. The results are amazing and the scarring is actually tiny and pink, not even noticeable.


I have been very insecure about my large breasts since I was a teenager. I researched a lot about breast reduction surgery because I had my doubts even though I really wanted it. Choosing this plastic surgery clinic in Cyprus was the right decision for me. My breasts look incredible, the result is better than I ever dreamt of.