Breast Reduction in Cyprus

Breast reduction surgery is a surgical breast treatment performed to reduce large breasts by removing fat, skin, and glandular tissue. Breast reduction in Cyprus can improve the quality of a woman’s life. Many women with large breasts suffer from back and neck pain, breathing problems and skin irritation and rash under the breasts. Moreover, women with large breasts usually experience shoulder pain from the bra straps.

Unfortunately, big breasts do not only affect the physical health of women but also their mental health. Many of them do not feel confident as they cannot wear the clothes they want and they can hardly find clothes or swimwear they feel comfortable in.

Surgery time: 2 – 3 hours
Long-lasting but not permanent results
Anesthetic: General anesthesia
Downtime: 3 – 6 weeks

Our surgeons perform different types of incisions for breast reduction in Cyprus, based on each patient’s case, the lollipop, the anchor and the doughnut incision.

The lollipop incision is when the incision is made around the edge of the areola with a vertical incision starting from the areola and moving down to the bottom of the breast. This technique is used on patients with moderately large breasts.

The anchor incision leaves the most scarring but it is ideal for patients with very large, sagging or misshaped breasts. The incision is the same as the lollipop one with an additional incision along the crease of the breast.

The doughnut incision leaves minimal scarring as the incision is done around the areola and is hidden. However, this type of incision gives limited access to the breast tissue, therefore it is used for minor breast reductions.

This procedure requires at least one overnight stay in the clinic. Patients can see the final results within 2 – 3 months from the day of their breast reduction operation. Our experienced surgeons can combine breast reduction with a breast lift to give our patients the results they desire with youthful, lifted breasts.

Can I combine my breast reduction surgery with a breast lift?

Of course. We perform this combination of surgeries on almost all of our breast reduction patients. Breast reduction in Cyprus cannot guarantee that the breasts will not be saggy. Only reducing the size of breasts does not mean that they will somehow get lifted as well. Therefore, if a patient wants a youthful breast shape they should go for a lift as well.

What should I do after my breast reduction in Cyprus?

You should avoid lifting heavy objects and of course weights. Thus, you shouldn’t exercise for several weeks. You should sleep on your back to protect your breasts from any pressure. Make sure you do not expose the scars to sunlight to avoid very visible scarring. Do not forget to take the medications your doctor gives you and follow all their suggestions.

We always give detailed guidance to our patients as to what to do before or after their surgery. Find more information on what to expect after plastic surgery procedures.

Will I be able to breastfeed after breast reduction?

This depends on the technique used during breast reduction in Cyprus. If you have these concerns you should talk about it with your surgeon so that they can go with a technique that does not move the nipple and milk ducts a lot. During surgery if the nipple and milk ducts stay attached, there is more chance that breastfeeding will not be affected.