Dermal Fillers in Cyprus

Dermal fillers are injections used as a popular facial rejuvenation treatment. For many people, dermal fillers are an excellent way to get a more youthful-looking face without surgery or downtime. The most common type of facial filler is made from hyaluronic acid, a substance that already occurs naturally in the body, while others include poly-L-lactic acid, calcium hydroxylapatite or other substances.

Dermal fillers in Cyprus can be used to add volume to different parts of the face, such as the lips, cheeks, chin or jaw or to smooth out deep facial creases.

Treatment time: 15 – 60 minutes (depending on the treatment area and the patient)
Temporary results
Anesthetic: None or local using anesthetic cream
Downtime: Little to none

Lip augmentation in Cyprus

Lip augmentation with dermal fillers is a popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment used to achieve fuller, more youthful-looking lips. When injected into the lips, hyaluronic acid helps to add volume and improve the contours of the lips.

Our experienced injectors know how to make your lips look natural with dermal fillers by adding shape, volume, and structure to them. The results of lip enhancement in Cyprus using lip fillers can last from six months to a year, always depending on each patient.

dermal fillers in cyprus

Cheek enhancement in Cyprus

Cheek enhancement with facial fillers is gradually becoming more and more popular. This non-surgical procedure includes the injection of dermal fillers into the cheeks to create a lifted, defined and contoured cheek shape.

At our plastic surgery clinic, we make sure you get the results that you wish for. Our doctors are experts in cheek augmentation and can give your cheeks a lifted and youthful, yet natural look.

dermal fillers in cyprus

Chin augmentation in Cyprus

Chin augmentation or chin shaping is a non-surgical treatment that aims at improving the shape of a patient’s chin with the use of dermal fillers.

Our doctors use dermal fillers in Cyprus to fix some asymmetries a chin can have or to make it stronger and give it a more pronounced appearance. Chin augmentation using dermal fillers is a great choice for many people who wish to change how their chin or profile looks, but do not want to go under the knife.

dermal fillers in cyprus
When will I notice the results of my cheek enhancement?

You will be able to see a change right after the treatment, but that will not be the final result because the treated areas will be swollen and maybe bruised. Therefore, the results will be really visible once the swelling is gone.

Will my lips look fake after lip augmentation with lip fillers?

If you choose the right clinic and doctor, your lips will look just like you want them to look. Finding an experienced and reliable injector is very important. Of course, requesting an extreme result that will require a lot of injections will result in an unnatural look. Going for a little substance can be the best choice, especially if it is your first time.

Our doctors are here to help you decide and tell you what would suit you based on the size of your lips and the shape of your face.

How long do the results of non-surgical chin augmentation last?

The results of chin augmentation with dermal fillers in Cyprus can last up to a year. However, this timeframe can be longer or shorter based on many factors, such as genetics, metabolism, facial fillers care and more.

What should I do after my dermal filler treatment?

After getting dermal fillers in Cyprus, you should avoid touching or rubbing the treated area. Also, you should protect your face from the heat and high temperatures. You should not exercise for 24 – 48 hours post-treatment. Moreover, you should avoid alcohol and blood-thinning medication for at least 24 hours after getting dermal fillers in Cyprus.

We always offer detailed guidance to our patients as to what to do before or after their treatment.