Ear Surgery in Cyprus

Otoplasty in Cyprus

Misshapen and big ears or ears that extend too far from the head can be a reason for self-consciousness and lack of confidence. Many adults and children suffer from name-calling and teasing due to the appearance of their ears.

Our Cyprus plastic surgery clinic surgeons have experience in otoplasty and give patients their confidence back with the amazing results they achieve through ear surgery in Cyprus. The surgery is performed under general or local anesthesia and does not require an overnight stay at the clinic. Our doctors can correct the shape and size of ears as well as protruding ears by stitching them closer to the head. The stitches during ear surgery in Cyprus are done behind the ears and are almost invisible.

Patients return home immediately after the surgery, with bandages around their heads and ears for protection. Results can be visible from the first 10 days when your doctor removes the bandages, but the very final result will take up to 6 months after all the swelling is gone and the ears are completely healed.

Surgery time: 1 – 2 hours
Permanent results
Anesthetic: Local or general anesthesia
Downtime: 2 – 3 weeks

What should I do after my otoplasty surgery?

As an otoplasty patient you should follow your doctor’s instructions carefully. You should keep your head elevated and not sleep on your operated ear or ears. Try wearing clothes that are easy to put on and take off. Remember to take the medication as instructed by your doctor and do not rub or touch your ears.

We always give detailed guidance to our patients as to what to do before or after their surgery. Find more information on what to expect after plastic surgery procedures.

Can otoplasty in Cyprus treat hearing problems?

Unfortunately, not. Otoplasty in Cyprus is used to treat cosmetic deformities or medical issues related to the outer part of the ear. It cannot help someone with their hearing problems.

Can my earlobe be re-pierced after the earlobe repair in Cyprus?

Yes, repaired earlobes can be re-pierced given that they are fully healed after surgery. There are, of course, some rare cases when the earlobe problem before the surgery is severe and the doctor might recommend not piercing your new earlobe.

How young can a patient be to have otoplasty in Cyprus?

Otoplasty in Cyprus is used to treat prominent and misshapen ears for adults and kids that are being bullied or teased because of how their ears look. Therefore, ear surgery in Cyprus is not a surgery that is only performed on patients over 18 years old. A patient can have otoplasty in Cyprus once their ears are fully grown. This is usually around 4-5 years old, but it also depends on every individual. Having ear surgery in Cyprus for their big or prominent ears gives children and young people the opportunity to live a life without the emotional and psychological distress caused by being bullied.

ear surgery in cyprus
ear surgery in cyprus
ear surgery in cyprus

Earlobe Repair in Cyprus

Cyprus plastic surgery clinic surgeons can also perform earlobe surgery to minimize or fix the appearance of earlobes. Elongated or split earring holes caused by wearing heavy earrings, stretched earlobes as a result of flesh tunnels and gauging or large earlobes can be fixed through earlobe repair surgery.

The results are immediately visible and can become more clear after the swelling is gone, approximately 2 weeks after the surgery. The stitches gradually become less and less visible over time and at the end, the scar that remains has a colour so similar to the skin that it is almost impossible to see it.

Surgery time: 20 – 60 minutes
Permanent results
Anesthetic: Local anesthesia
Downtime: 1 week