Liposuction in Cyprus

Liposuction is a cosmetic plastic surgery that aims at sculpting the body. This is achieved via the removal of excess and stubborn fat from different areas of the body, such as the abdomen, flanks, waist, back rolls, hips, thighs, inner part of the knees, buttocks and any other area the patient wants, where liposuction surgery can be performed.

Liposuction in Cyprus is not an alternative to weight loss or a way to replace a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise. Liposuction permanently removes the fat cells of the area that is treated, thus these fat cells cannot come back. However, caution should be taken, because a patient can gain weight in those areas if they follow bad eating habits.

This plastic surgery is usually best for people within the recommended weight range who have stubborn fat that does not go away with other weight loss techniques.

Surgery time: 2 hours (depending on the number of areas)
Permanent results
Anesthetic: General anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation
Downtime: 2 – 3 weeks

Is there a limit to the amount of fat that can be removed during liposuction in Cyprus?

This depends on the areas to be treated and your surgeon. Our limit during liposuction surgery in Cyprus is usually 3 to 4 kilos to keep the results natural. Also, the less the fat that is removed, the lower the risk of complications. Moreover, the removal of more fat could result in a lengthier recovery period.

Is liposuction in Cyprus painful?

Liposuction in Cyprus includes tenderness and soreness for several weeks. As with all surgeries, there is some pain, especially the first 2-3 days. Our doctors give pain medication to our patients to make this discomfort manageable. The pain and recovery time depends on the amount of fat removed; the more fat removed – the more pain the patient experiences.

Does liposuction in Cyprus leave scars?

Liposuction has the benefit of not leaving visible scars. The incisions that are made during liposuction are tiny and the scars they leave are almost not visible. Of course, how visible the scars of liposuction surgery also depend on each patient and their scarring tendency.

Can liposuction remove my saggy skin?

No, because liposuction treats and permanently removes fat cells, not skin. Saggy skins can be treated with other surgeries, such as a tummy tuck surgery.

liposuction in cyprus
liposuction in cyprus
liposuction in cyprus

Combination of Liposuction and Fat Transfer in Cyprus

Fat Transfer

Fat transfer is a procedure that involves taking fat from one area of the body and injecting it into another area. For example, some patients may choose to have fat transferred from their abdomen to their buttocks to create a more contoured shape.

Once the fat is removed from the treated area, it is washed and filtered to be added to a different part of the body. While being injected into the desired area, the fat is massaged slowly to take the appropriate position in the target area. The most common areas for fat transfer are the buttocks and the breasts since these are the body parts that usually need volume restoration or augmentation.

The combination of liposuction and fat transfer helps patients achieve their desired body shape.

Tumescent Liposuction in Cyprus

The tumescent liposuction technique is a surgical procedure used to remove excess fat from the body. The tumescent technique involves injecting a special solution into the targeted area, which numbs the area and makes the fat cells easier to remove. The numbing helps constrict blood flow to the area to avoid blood loss, making it a safe liposuction technique. After the tumescent solution is injected, a thin tube or cannula is inserted through small incisions made by the doctor. With controlled backward and forward stroking motions, the surgeon loosens excess fat and suctions it using a special surgical vacuum.

This technique is less invasive than traditional liposuction methods, and as a result, there is less pain and bruising after the procedure which makes the healing process quicker. In addition, the tumescent technique allows for more precise fat removal, resulting in a more sculpted appearance.