Nipple Reconstruction in Cyprus

Nipple reconstruction in Cyprus is used to change the shape and size of nipples, make asymmetrical nipples look the same, change the way projected nipples look, and create new nipples for women who have undergone breast reconstruction after mastectomy.

It can be performed as an independent procedure, at the same time as breast augmentation or reduction, or as a follow-up to a breast reconstruction surgery.

Surgery time: 30 – 60 minutes
Long-lasting results, alterations may occur
Anesthetic: Local anesthesia
Downtime: 1 – 2 weeks

Techniques of Nipple Reconstruction in Cyprus

Nipple tattoo

A nipple tattoo is most commonly used for patients who have undergone mastectomy. During this procedure, a tattoo of the areola and nipple is created on one or both breasts. Usually, patients with breast reconstruction to only one breast go for the nipple sharing technique.

Nipple sharing

This method is used when the patient has removed and reconstructed only one breast. In this case, our surgeons take a part of the other breast’s nipple, given that it is big enough, and use it to create a new nipple on the new breast. In this way the new nipple also has the same colour shade as the other nipple.

Skin flap

Our doctors create skin flaps from the already reconstructed breast or breasts to create a nipple and give the skin a lifted look. Then the areola is created with a tattoo in the appropriate colours and shape or it is created by using skin from the patient’s body.


nipple reconstruction in cyprus

Nipple reduction

This technique includes the reduction of the nipple, the areola or both. The surgeon makes an incision on the top of the nipple or on the areola to remove the excess skin or tissue and bring them to the patient’s preferable size. There might be some scarring which in most cases fades away and becomes almost invisible.

nipple reconstruction in cyprus

Will I have feeling after nipple reduction surgery?

Nipple reconstruction after mastectomy and breast reconstruction can cause loss of sensation. With nipple and areola reduction, however, the sensation and feeling are usually not affected.

How long will it take for my nipples to heal?

The recovery after nipple reconstruction surgery usually takes up to 2 weeks, but the scars will take several months to fade away.

Is areola tattooing painful?

Patients who get areola tattoos are usually breast cancer survivors who had a mastectomy. Therefore, the area to be tattooed has no or little sensation and the patients do not feel extreme pain. We try to make our patients feel as comfortable as possible with local anesthesia.