Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures and Techniques in Cyprus

most popular plastic surgery procedures and techniques in cyprus

Surgical Techniques Used in Plastic Surgery

There are five different surgical techniques used in plastic surgery. If you want to learn more about the application of each technique in plastic surgery in Cyprus then get in contact with Cyprus Plastic Surgery Clinic. These are the most popular plastic surgery procedures and techniques in Cyprus.

  • Endoscopic Plastic Surgery Technique

This technique is performed with a tubular probe called an endoscope, that has a tiny camera on it and the surgeon can see from a screen the inside of the body and helps the doctor with the procedure.

  • Flap Plastic Surgery Technique

This technique involves removing alive and healthy tissue from a specific location on the body and transporting it to a different location. There are of course various subcategories of techniques used for other parts of the body for this specific method.

  • Laser Plastic Surgery Technique

This technique’s effects are minimal compared to the other plastic surgery techniques. It doesn’t make the skin bleed, get bruised, or be scared. Of course, again different kinds of laser techniques are used depending on the location of the surgery on the body.

  • Skin Graft Plastic Surgery Technique

Τhis technique is used to replace or cover up skin that has been damaged, burned, or missing. They remove healthy parts of skin from different parts of the body and place them in the location that needs to be fixed.

  • Tissue Expansion Plastic Surgery Technique

Through this technique, they place a balloon-like device under the skin, where they expand the device slowly and the skin stretches. In this way, they grow extra skin areas on the body, that they can use for different surgeries like repairing damaged skin, etc.

Different types of Plastic and Cosmetic surgeries:

These different types of plastic surgery are categorized based on the location and specific area of the body where they are performed.

  • Plastic Surgeries performed on the head, face, and eyes

In this type of plastic surgery, all the procedures referring the facial features are included. Examples are Facelifts, Brow and Forehead lifts, the Eyelid lift, Ear reshaping, Hair replacement surgery, Nasal surgery, Nose, Chin, cheek, or jaw reshaping, facial implants, Lip augmentation, Cleft lip, and cleft palate, and Craniosynostosis.

  • Plastic Surgeries performed on Mouth and teeth

In this category, there is one type of surgery performed which is called oral and maxillofacial surgery. This category specializes in specific treatments regarding injuries, defects, and diseases involving the face, mouth, teeth, and jaw. 

  • Plastic Surgeries performed on Breasts

Any kind of surgery that has to do with an operation on the breasts is included in this category. These are Breast augmentation, Breast reconstruction, Breast reduction in men with gynecomastia, and lastly Breast lift.

  • Plastic Surgeries performed on the Abdomen

The abdomen is the area of the body that contains the digestive and reproductive organs also known as the belly area. At this location, the two primary plastic surgeries performed are the Tummy tuck or also known as abdominoplasty, and the other one called Liposuction.

  • Plastic Surgeries performed on the Hand and Upper limb

In this category, plastic surgeries specialize in the hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder.

  • Other types of Plastic Surgeries performed on Skin

This is another category with other general cosmetic and plastic surgeries performed on the skin. These are the Chemical peel, Dermabrasion also known as dermaplaning, Collagen also called fat injectable fillers, Botox, and filler injections like Restylane and Radiesse, Glycolic and laser peels, Vein removal, Scar revision, and lastly Tattoo removal.